There was never a time in my life that jewelry and design were not a part of it. My mom always jokes around that as a little girl I never left the house without a strand of pearls. My early fascination with gemstones, beads and design pursued me to start a career in jewelry. The Lacey Ryan collection is designed to be mixed, matched, stacked & layered with pieces within the collection or with your own favorite jewelry. For me, the best part of designing is combining stones, components, & ideas from different countries and bringing them together to create something beautiful. I am inspired by all the amazing places I have traveled to around the world and the extraordinary people I have met along the way. I am grateful that I get to do what I love and encourage you to find what makes you happy.

"There is no greater joy than having my designs admired & worn by others. My wish is that you feel stylish, unique & complete wearing the piece you choose. Enjoy!" LR




Although New York City is one of the most fast paced cities in the world, it is also one of the most inspirational. Behind all of the taxi cabs and people running to meetings, there are tall skyscrapers with thousands of years of history and people who have their own stories to share. I love getting lost around the village and finding hidden gems in the middle of the chaos. Our components are collected & sourced throughout the world but we are proud to say that the Lacey Ryan collection is handmade in NYC.